The following list shows the status of haunts on the 2008 DVD set as of Feb. 11th, 2009.

The list includes video/pictures received and promised (expected) as well as their status. A Green block under ready indicated the haunt has been checked, edited, transcoded and is ready to be placed on the DVD. A Red Block under ready indicates a problem with the video/pictures and the haunter should contact (

If any of the information is missing or incorrect please contact Paul.

Anyone may submit video or pix of their haunt, all will be included. Haunters submitting material will receive a 25% discount on the final purchase price of the DVD set should they desire to purchase a set. The deadline for submission was Jan. 31st, 2009.

DVD sets shiped in Feb.

Name Haunt Location Category Haunt Club
Jason Hogan A Haunt on Eveningside Herriman, Utah Yard RMH
Jayson Sisson BadEgg97 Pleasant Groove, Utah Yard RMH
The Baird Family Baird Manor Walk Thru Draper, Utah Walk Thru RMH
Jeff & Becky Baird Baird Manor Yard Haunt Lehi, Utah Yard RMH
Dave Bates Bates Haunt West Valley City, Utah Yard RMH
Macy & Preston Bishop Bishop Cemetery Milwaukie Oregon Yard
Craig Blackmore Blackmore Family Haunt Rayleigh, Essex , United Kingdom Yard
Blaine Young Blaine Young's Haunt Holladay, Utah Yard RMH
Douglas King Jr. Blasdell Yard Haunt Basdell, New York
LadyDracul: Corinne Senger BS Crypt Kamloops BC Canada Yard FFNW & FFBC
Buddy Duke Buddy Duke's Haunt Fairfield, Ohio Yard
DeathMaster Bull Family Haunt East Wenatchee, Washington Yard
Brian & Tyler Burr Burr Hill Boneyard Deerfield, NY Yard
Bill Bush Bush Family Haunt Irondequoit, NY Yard WNY Haunters
Dawn & Jim Slanker Canyon Trail Cemetery Carol Stream, Il
Mouse Carrion Farms Chicago, Illinois Chicago Haunt Club
Spencer & Debra Carter Casa Fear Broomfield CO Yard RMH
Chillingham Manor Jackson, Ohio
CJ CJ's Boneyard Sanaquin, Utah Yard RMH
Aaron and Ben LaBonte of Knuckle Bones Productions and Richard Donahue (Pleatherface). Cody Reuwsaat Memorial Memorial FFNW
Phreeqmeout Creep Crypt FFNW
BroomJilda, Wicked Witch of Westland Creepy Cooley Blvd Westland, MI Yard Motor City HC
"Creepy" Chris Bartram Creepy Nights on Colomo
Mr. Klaw Crepuscolo Manor Orem, Utah Yard RMH
P.J. Kerti D.E.M. Bones Cemetery Hollywood, Florida
Jim Bond / David Jewell Dark Night of the Soul Lindsay, Ontario Canada Yard
Mike Yazumbek Dark Shadows Orland, Illinois Yard
Bill Wood Darkwood Haunted Mall Wills Point, Texas IAHA and TAHA,Texas Assoc. Haunted Attractions
Chris & Jeff Davis Davis Graveyard Milwaukie Oregon Yard FFNW & FFBC
Brent Ross DC Cemetery Moutain View, California Yard NorCal
Dead Spider (Angie) Dead Spider's Party & Yard Party FFBC/FFNW
Jay, Phyllis & Tony Delesandro Delesandro Yard Haunt Ocean County, NJ Yard The NJ Haunters
Patrick Prue DHG Cemetery: Deaths Hollowed Grounds Welland Ontario Canada Novice WNY Haunters
Don Von Doom Don's Driveway of Death Penticton, BC, Canada Yard FFNW & FFBC
Dr. Warenskistein Dr. Warenskistein's Porch Magna, Utah Yard RMH
Scare Sisters Edgewood Manor Tonawanda, New York WNY Haunters
Jon & Jen Fitt Fitt Cemetery South Jordan, Utah Yard RMH
Rob and Heidi Fox Fox's Haunted Castle Dewitt, NY Walk Thru WNY Haunters
Chris Olsen Fremont Haunted Cemetery Fremont, CA Yard NorCal
Halloween Spirit Friday the Halloweenth Seattle, Washington
Grant �the haunted canuck� FrightFest BC British Columbia, Canada Gathering FFBC
Kkrazy Kkaren GLFF: Haunters against Hunger Petersburg, Michigan Gathering GLFF+others
Randy Lay Goatman Flats Orem, Utah Yard RMH
John Steel Goober's Haunt Kearns, Utah Yard RMH
John Haire Greenville Haunted Firehouse Greenville, AL Charity
Bob Haas Haile's Haunted Haas Gainesville, Florida Yard/walk
Hallowbean & Alan Hallowbean's Haunt Leih, Utah Yard RMH
Hands of Hades
Eric, Susie, Vladimir, Magnus and Calypso Targowski Happy Holiday Home Halloween 2008 San Jose, California Yard
Brian Harchar Harch's Haunt Twinsburg OH Yard
Toby Wrolson Haunt 31 Lake in the Hills, IL Yard Haunt Club Chicago
Brad Baum Haunt at Red Clover Parker, Colorado Walk Thru HACK
Wormyt: Trisha Morse Haunt on Sanders Hill Waynesville, Missouri Yard
Randy Skalos Haunt on Williams Street Ohio
PropMaster Haunted Utah Provo, Utah Yard RMH
Haunted Wolf (Wolf Family) Haunted Wolf Hollow Springville, Utah Yard/Walk RMH
Gus Woods Haunted Woods Orem, Utah Yard RHM
Roger Hayes Hayes Haunt Atlanta, Georgia Yard RMH
Jeff and Kerrie Squires Hazelhurst Manor Ferndale, Michigan Yard Motor City HC
Hugh Hill House Bountiful, Utah Yard RMH
Jonathon Hunter Horror on Hope Town Mansfield, TX Novice Walk thru
Haunted Hank House of Bad Dreams Magna, Utah Yard RMH
Weird Uncle Mark House of Gardner American Fork, Utah Yard RMH
Lynne & Shawn Mitchell How to Haunt Your House: Book Release Penacola, Florida
Haunted Hank How-2 Four bar Lifter Maga, Utah How-2 RMH
Haunted Hank How-2 GroundBreaker Corspe Maga, Utah How-2 RMH
Haunted Hank How-2 Pumpkin Greeter Maga, Utah How-2 RMH
Jeff Baird How-2: Baird Behing the Scenes Lehi, Utah How-2 RMH
Bob Andrews How-2: Capt Ahole & Pirate Band Clinton, Illinois How-2
PropMaster How-2: Coffin Sit-Up Provo, Utah How-2 RMH
PropMaster How-2: Lurching Zombie Provo, Utah How-2 RMH
PropMaster How-2: Poor Mans 3 Axis Neck RMH
PropMaster How-2: Servo in Skull Provo, Utah How-2 RMH
Spencer & Debra Carter How-2: Zombie RMH
Grant �The Haunted Canuck� I Haunt U Edmonton Alberta Canada FFNW & FFBC
Jeremy Jeremy's Haunted Structure Lab at BYU Provo, Utah Walk Thru RMH
Noah Fentz Katzper's Haunt Maywood, NJ Fright Club NJ
Noah Fentz Katzper's Haunt II Maywood, NJ Fright Club NJ
Shadowopal (Sean Overton) Logan Scare Manor Chicago, Illinois Yard Haunt Club Chicago
Doug & Debbie Lowe Lowe Manor: The Tomb of Ellery Fresno, CA Party
Mark Mraz Mark's Haunted Garage Penfield, NY Yard WNY Haunters
Russ McKamey McKamey Manor San Diego, California
Rich Martino Meadowbrook Manor Sudbury, MA Yard
Mike & Erika Silver MES House Wellsville, Utah Yard RMH
Mark & Aaron Lebioda & Bruce Byrd Mourning Cemetery/Manor Southgate, Michigan Yard/Indoor Haunt (Charity Haunt) Motor City HC
Mr. OCT. 31st MrOCT31
Costume Ball National Haunters Convention Pennsylvania Gathering
Make Up Wars National Haunter's Convention Pennsylvania Convention
Prince Wally Nevada Avenue Horror Twin Cities, MN. Yard/Party
Steve & Lisa Toby Nightmare on Michelle Street Romulus, Michigan Novice Motor City HC
Joseph Naber & Family & Rick Berg Nightstalker Manor Henrietta NY Walk thru WNY Haunters
Lady Death Bird Noble Manor
Michelle Oliver a.k.a. Mother of Darkness Oliver's Haunted Cemetery Louisville, IL
Joe, Karen & Drew Zimmermann Phantom Manor Ballwin, Missouri Yard
Dr. Calamari Pleasantview Cemetery Venice, California Yard CalHauntS
Prefessor Evil Prefessor Evil's Nightmare Circus Haywood, California CalHauntS Norcal
Rot Pumpkinrot Yard Haunt Pennsylvania Yard
Alan & Katy Dombroski Raven Haven Haunted House & Dead End Cemetery Liverpool, NY WNY Haunters
Kurt & Debbie Primm Reed Street Haunt I Reed Street, Melvindale, MI
Scott DeLong Reed Street Haunt II Reed Street, Melvindale, MI
Jerry McCloud Reed Street Haunt III Reed Street, Melvindale, MI
Kurt & Debbie Primm Reed Street Haunt IV Reed Street, Melvindale, MI
Digger C River Crest Manor Millstone, NJ Yard Fright Club NJ
Rocky Mountain Haunters Rocky Mountain Gathering Provo, Utah Gathering RMH
Tom Sanners Sanner Manor Nuevo, CA Yard So.Cal & RMG
Nitefin Semetery of Lost Souls Salem, VA Yard
Death Stalker (Rudy Sylvester) Shadow Land Concord, California
Dirk Bergmann ShadowTheme 2008 Minden, Germany Party
Brenda Poole & Joe Sprankel Sleepy Oaks Cemetery Huron, Ohio Yard
Dan & Tammie Krein Souls Of The Forsaken Plainfield, Illinois
Demice Smith & Family Spooksville Yard Haunt Payson, Utah Yard RMH
Jeffrey Glassey (Glass Eye) Spooky Peak Utah Walk Thru RMH
Steven Reeves Steve's Haunted Yard Round Rock TX
Greg Hinaman Terror Technologies Kenmore/Buffalo, New York Walk Thru WNY Haunters
Brian "Bogie" Bogardus Terror Tunnel North Collins, New York Yard/Walk WNY Haunters
Reaper Rick & Dragonlady Sue (Rick & Sue Rager) Thanatophobialand Lockport, IL Yard Haunt Club Chicago
Joseph Keller aka. Mr. Macabre The Final Unresting Place Northport, Alabama Yard
Brianz The House on Bamberger Hill North Salt Lake City, Utah Yard RMH
Shawn and Lynne Mitchell The Mitchell Cemetery Florida Yard
Bob Eckert The Spook Zone Ringwood, New Jersey Yard
Shannon Cousins, etc. The Spooky Weasels North Kansas City, Mo.
Mistress Holly-ween The UnderWorld Series Provo, Utah Yard RMH
Dark Vamp Lord Vampire's Revenge: Barbee Family Haunt Fontana, California Walk Thru Howl2000
Mark Wadley Wadley Haunt Provo, Utah Yard RMH
Kellie Wirtz Wirtz Cemetery & Anniversary Party Fond du lac, Wisconsin Party
Dennis Owens Wraithrat's Obsession Spanish Fork, Utah Yard RMH
Gwjunkie, AKA Hlmn, AKA Levi Yeldarb Manor Lehi, Utah Rookie Yard RMH