Disc #1 - Yard Haunts

Group #1
Bates Haunt
BS Crypt
Olsen Haunted Cemetery
Dark Night
Digger C
Gastly's Graveyard
Mistress Pegasus
Ray Kohler
Group #2
Mackey Manor
Mr. Macabre
No Mercy Cemetery
Noah's Horror
Lord Tici Taci
Perfessor Evil
Dark Matter
Group #3
Scary Terry
Haunt on Logan
Stuart Haunt
Victoria's Graveyard

Disc #2 - Yard Haunts II

Group #1
Haunted Wolf Hollow
Baker's Boneyard
Bogie's Terror Tunnel
Hatridge Haunt
Long Haunt
Scary Mary
Anderson Haunt
Group #2
Pumpkin Rot
Blencowe Haunt
Brandywine Cemetery
Scaredy Cat
Hella's Lair
About Halloween
Group #3
Wirtz Manor
Sungonneth Cemetery
Zombie F

Disc #3 - Home Haunts

Group #1
Spider's Preyground II
Skull and Bone
Bronson Boneyard
Black Widows Den
Halls of Terror
PLC Haunt
Castle Nottingham
Creepy Nights on Calamo
Group #2
Village Haunt
Toy Keeper's Haunt
The Monster Maze
The Haunted Garage
Darke Haunt Works

Disc #4 - 25 FPS Haunts

Group #1
Haunt 31
Roadkill Cafe
Bob-O's Haunt
Hands of Hades
Ghostess Deanna
Empress Nightshade
Greystone Manor
Group #2
Path of the Dead
Hitchin' Haunt
Maniac Manor
Kreepy Kornor
Duffy Haunt
How-2 & Beyond the Screams
Haunt 31 (Daylight)
Bob-O's Tour
Bob-O's Party

Disc #5 - Wide Screen Haunts

Group #1
Sleepy Hollow
Haunt on Williams Street
Carrion Farms
Dark Shadows
Haunt on Horton Street
Hillsdale Manor
Holladay's Haunt
Group #2
Raven Haven
Wicked Wanda
Nightmare Manor
Dead End Cemetery
Newcomb Haunt
Minn. State Fair HH

Disc #6 Party / Pro & Charity Haunts

Party Haunts
Pirate's Cove
Lowe Manor
Woods Crest Manor
Haile's Haunted Haas
Mad Scientist's Party
Dead Spider
Schlossbergstrasse Spukhaus
Pro/Charity Haunts
Rocky Point Haunted House
Slaughter on Second
DC Cemetery
House of Terrors
Assorted Haunts
Haunted Mitchell Manor
Tom Henk's Yard Set-Up
Dead End Cemetery II
Nightfin's Halloween

Disc #7 - Haunts & Rookie

Lord's Mordrid's Dungeon
Cottonwood Haunted Acre
Uncle Binley's Dungeon
226 Terror Terrace
Port Royale Pirates
Renfield & Sons
Last Chance Ride
Rookie Haunts
A Ghoul's Night
Scareway Freights
Nick's Yard
Scooby Doo Zone
Huntly Road Haunt
Haunts 2 & How-2's
Monster Manor
Museum of Man Haunt
Schlossbergstrasse Spukhaus Party
Haile's Haunted Haas How-2

Disc #8 - Haunter Gathering & Behind the Screams

Haunted Gatherings
Great Lakes Frightfest
Rocky Mountain Gathering
Behind the Screams
Ray's Mourner
Edye's BloMe
PropMaster's Witch Cam
Bronson Daylight Tour
Bronson Boneyard Screams
PLC How-2's


Q: One (or more) of the discs does not have menu's.
A: Paul created a version of the 25 fps haunts, disc 4 (it has no menus and have been thru additional conversion steps and should play for all haunters. If you have any trouble with Disc 4 (or any disc) click here to send him an email and he will send you the replacement disc. Please be sure to provide the name you purchased the DVD's under, the disc number and problem you are having in the email. You MUST include the mail to name and address.