Yard Haunts

Name Haunt Category Duration (minutes)
Group One
Tim Doggett Hallowed Haunting Grounds Yard Haunt 10
C.J. Cluster Dreadnight Cemetery Yard Haunt 7
Sue & Rick Rager Thanatophobialand Yard Haunt 5
David McDermott Doktor Calamari's Pleasantview Cemetery Yard Haunt 2
Carl Kestner Haunt 2004 Yard Haunt 2
Dean Mackey Mackey Manor Yard Haunt 1
Group Two
Daryn Coleman Coleman's Cemetery Yard Haunt 7
Amy Diaz Ludlow Cemetery Yard Haunt 2
Brian Lorsung Halloween Obsession Yard Haunt 2
Carl Cowley House of Specter's Yard Haunt 9
Odie Schaefer Carrion Farms Yard Haunt 3
Chris Olsen (1) Haunted Cemetary Yard Haunt 4
Group Three
Craig Walter Walter's Yard Haunt Yard Haunt 5
Roy Taff The Funeral Home Yard Haunt 5
Toby/Stephanie Wrolson Haunt 31 Yard Haunt 7
Jeff Barry Haunted Yard 2004 Yard Haunt 5
Buddy Duke The Haunted Graveyard Yard Haunt 3
Chris Hall The Haunt on Maplewood Yard Haunt 2
Group Four
Corinne Senger BS Crypt Yard Haunt 10
Dan Richards The Scare on Sand Street Yard Haunt 8
Justin Cerniuk Midnight Terror Yard Haunt 3
Will & Angel Mellick Will & Angel's Haunter Garage Yard Haunt 4
Todd Voiles Contessa Manor Yard Haunt 1
Ray Kohler Yard Haunt 2

Yard Haunts 2 and Charity & Pro Haunts

Name Haunt Category Duration (minutes)
Christine Comfort Hundred Acres Manor Charity 3
Chris Olsen (2) Elementary School Charity Haunt Charity Haunt 3
Ryan Banfield Dr. Macabro's Island of Death Charity/Pro Haunt 13
Frightland Scream Park Charity/Pro 8
Randy Powell Mira Mesa Monster Manor Charity/Pro 9
Neil Gillbanks (2) Haunted Pirates Cove Charity 2
Yard Haunts
Randy Skalos Haunt on Williams Street Yard Haunt 15
Michelle Slack Halloween Beanie & Jeff's Haunt Yard Haunt 4
Stacey Johnson Lost Soul Manor Yard Haunt 9
Janet Abramson Caves of Hell Yard Haunt 5
Mike Maffioli Mike's 8th Annual Haunt Yard Haunt 6
Pete/Rachel Bagnulo Scream Hollow Yard Haunt 1
Yard Haunts Two
Robert Beech Brandywine Cemetery Yard Haunt 5
Robyn Gentry Bats Haunted Hill Cemetery Yard Haunt 1
Steve/Spooky Robinson Alley of Terror Yard Haunt 4
Susan Verhaeghe Restless Hollow Yard Haunt 1
Terry Simmons Scary Terry's Hallowen 2004 Yard Haunt 5
Tina & Jay Bushey The Undertakers Grim Yard Haunt 4

Home Haunts

Name Haunt Category Duration (minutes)
Group One
Bob & Holly Andrews Andrew's Manor 2004 Home/Indoor 6
Scott Casto The Toy Keepers Lair Home/Indoor 14
Deanna & Dustin Morton Bronson Boneyard Home/Indoor 9
Ken & Chris Sutton Stafford Manor Home/Indoor 15
Jim Kadel The Haunted Garage Home/Indoor 5
Kym & Vern Graner Spiders Preyground Home/Indoor 6
Kathy Boult Fright Farm Home/Indoor 5
Group Two
Scott Renfield Renfield & Son's Twisted Circus Home/Indoor 5
Mike Dark Shadows Home Haunt 1
Jeff Willaert Frightener Entertainment Home/indoor 16
Jeff Kraft Katzper's Haunt Home/Indoor 9
Neil Gillbanks (1) Pirates Attack Port Royal Home/indoor 5
Josh Wells Nightmare Manor Home/Indoor 17
Katy Dombroski Raven Haven Home/Indoor 8

Home Haunts 2, Rookie & Party Haunts

Name Haunt Category Duration (minutes)
Rookie Haunts
Bob Haas Haile's Haunted Haas Rookie Haunt 9
Daniel Neuman Mad Scientist's Lab Rookie 9
Ron Renken Haunt on Logan Rookie 1
Owen Gilbride Lord Tici Taci's Haunt Rookie 4
Jennifer Schwartz MadamDoc's Macabre Masquerade Rookie Haunt 2
Rob R04dki11's Haunt Rookie 7
B&K Schieferstein Haunt 1881 Rookie 4
Scott Schultz Skullduggery Rookie 5
Dan Gifford Halls of Terror Rookie 3
Party Haunts
Mike Fox Fox Haunt 2004 Charity/Pro 5
Brett Woods WoodsCrest Manor Party Haunt 8
Inez Wilburn Darkside Cemetery Party Haunt 3
Denise Baker Pirates of Port Royale Party Haunt 3
Michael Bruner Monster Maze Home/Indoor 16
Russ McKamey McKamey Manor Home/Indoor 8
Carl Chalupa Heaven's Gate Cemetery Home/Indoor 6
Jayson Allen Hands of Hades' Crypts of Chaos Home Haunt 6
Greg Pass Neabsco Hills Haunted House Home/Indoor 8

Haunters Hallow (no contest) & Charity/Pro 2

Name Haunt Category Duration (minutes)
Haunts One
Paul Venturella Haunted Utah Just for Fun 7
Bob Lambiase Bob-O's Haunt Just for Fun 7
The Hedstrom's Hedstorm 2004 Just for Fun 6
Edye Blencowe Blencowe Haunt Just for Fun 4
Trisha Morse Haunt on Sanders Hill Just for Fun 9
Haunts Two
Amie Romano The Revenants' Lair Just for Fun 2
James Hauser Uncle Binley's Dungeon Just for Fun 5
Judi Wilson Ghoul Manor Just for Fun 2
Michelle Oliver Oliver's Haunted Hollow Just for Fun 1
Michelle Martin Spookdawg's Halloween Just for Fun 12
Brent Ross DC Cemetery Charity/Pro 15
Mike Fox Fox Haunt 2004 Charity Pro 5

Some might wonder why the haunts are grouped this way or why a particular haunt is located in that spot on the DVD? Good question!

The haunts are located where they are due to a number of factors, including:

  • When Paul received the pix or video.
  • If it needed editing or sound added.
  • How long it was.
  • etc.

Paul broke each DVD into chapters or sections as it appears the farther from a menu a chapter was the more likely is was a problem in rendering. That's why you see things like Group One, Group Two, etc. He placed Fox Haunt into the wrong category so he placed it again on the last disk into the right category. It's a great haunt and we should all be happy to see it twice. He didn't receive the video from DC Cemetery until the day before the final disc was being created....but the haunt is so good he did not want to not include it just becasue it was 2 months late.