This set, originally released on 11 CD's as video CD's has finally been transferred to 1 DVD.

This is a direct transfer and there are no DVD menus, etc. Paul's original CD's had some artifacts and blocking on a few of the haunts and 1 haunt appears to be missing. In general the quality of the videos submitted (technical quality, not haunt quality) was not near as high as videos submitted lately. But there are some great haunts and props not seen in later or earlier years.

See Wil's (The Death Lord) haunt before he was shut down by the neighborhood.

Ironman's haunt before he went outside to the haunted trail.

Keeba's Haunted Nursery

Maggie Bell's wonderful themed haunt.

Scary Terry's Elvis Coffin (explained)

Webby's Lazarus Maze

See what it was like before we had time limits on each haunt!

See the Abbott & Costello "Who's on First" (slab) routine.

Mouse House, Wicked Wanda, Witchypoo, Haunt31, Propmaster, Bob O, and so many more.