This all started in 1999 when a VHS tape was compiled by Mark Butler from a group of Halloween Home Haunters featuring the photos and videos of their haunts. This tape was not sold but shared among fellow home haunters across the country. This tradition continued in 2000.


The Halloween-L Video was a set of 3 VHS tapes. That year it was compiled by Webby of Ogden, UT, with assistance from Paul "Propmaster" Venturella. That was the last year that VHS tapes were used.


Paul compiled the set that was released on 11 video CD's that totaled over 4 hours. This was before there were time limits on each haunt.


The DVD set was the first year that the videos were compiled directly to DVD. It contained 69 haunters on 3 DVD's for over 7 hours of home haunts. Jon Mortimer created the first DVD covers and continued through 2005 and 2007 through 2010. Paul took this opportunity to convert all the VHS tape and CD Video versions for previous years to DVD. Paul continued to do all the duplications, sales and distribution including creating custom labels for the DVD's until 2009.


In 2004 the set was called the Halloween-L & Golden Bucky Awards video and contained 5 DVD's with 8-10 hours of material from over 80 different haunts. In 2005 the 8 DVD set with 11-12 hours of material from 110 different haunts and haunt gatherings was offered with either HauntX Awards labels or the traditional DVD labels.


The DVD set was referred to as The Propmaster DVD set, and had 6 Discs with 10 hours of haunt material. It was available with HauntX Awards or Independent Haunters DVD labels. The cover was designed by Scott Shultz and featured a Gore Galore prop on the cover. This was also the first year that a 25% discount for the set was offered for haunts that submitted video.


The 2007 DVD set contained 5 Discs with 11 hours of over 100 haunts. Jon Mortimer returned to do the DVD case cover. The 10th anniversary edition in 2008 was 7 Discs with over 125 haunts and 19 hours of video including a bonus disc with haunts from past 10 years and how-to's. The 2009 set was 5 Discs with 10 hours of over 100 haunt videos. This set was the last year that Paul produced the DVD's.


Paul passed the torch to Jeff & Chris Davis of the Davis Graveyard to collect videos, duplicate and distribute the disc set. Jeff & Chris had been working with Paul since 2007 managing the Video awards for the DVD sets so it was a natural fit to also take on the creation of the DVD's. The benefit of bringing these two projects together is the sales of the DVD's cover the costs of the purchase and shipping of the awards. Now, once the masters are finalized by Jeff & Chris they take pre-orders to collect funds to have the sets professionally duplicated and packaged while keeping the price the same. The 2010 set has 5 Discs and features 66 haunts.


The disc set contains 5 Discs with 76 haunts on it. The cover design was done by Nic Andrews of Hi-Rez Designs. In the spirit of collaboration of home haunters, the website was redesigned using Nic's cover concept and created by Guy from House Bloodthorn and programmed by Pumpkinbrain.